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Xpressi™ Secure ID

Xpressi Secure ID can deliver highly secure data preparation and smart card chip personalization from one secure centralized location, that has already been stress-tested to handle large influxes of data by many government facilities.

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Instant issuance

• Instant issuance applications in the financial sector • Smart chip personalization • Increase customer convenience • EMV compliant

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Pay

• EMV compliant tokenization service • HCE-NFC • Lifecycle management including personalization, activation, and deactivation

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Script Issuance

Xpressi Script Issuance is designed around operational efficiency. When the request for personalization is made, the Xpressi™ Script Issuance server processes the data and executes the personalization script.  The server will then transmit back to encode the chip.

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Smart Q Print

Configured to work in unison with selected Xpressi™ software packages, Smart Q Print has been designed to work in centralized environments. It farms out card issuance tasks to multiple printers, enabling them to operate simultaneously with any desktop hardware. With its easy-to-use graphical interface, Smart Q Print offers a flexible configuration to manage cards by different issuers, card layouts, printers, and databases.

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Lite

Xpressi Lite enables issuers to personalize pre-printed identity and financial cards, allowing issuers to bulk buy pre-designed cards and personalize the smart card chips. Xpressi Lite will change the data on the smart card chips to match the user's credentials on the integrated system.

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Certificate of Authority

Xpressi™ Certificate Authority is an application for certificate generation and is ideal for closed-loop proprietary schemes requiring self-signing certificates. Used as stand-alone software or as an additional feature to mainstream Xpressi software packages, Xpressi Certificate of Authority can be teamed with Secure ID, Instant Issuance, and Xpressi Smart Q Print.

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

Xpressi™ Customized Development

• Seamless integration features • Works with desktop, mid range, and high volume machines • Compliant with banking and government programs

Card issuance and management software - Xpressi

CardExchange® Producer suite

• Advanced ID card producer with an easy to use interface for custom ID card designs • Unlimited database capabilities • Upgrades to suit your needs

ID card issuance software

Financial instant issuance

Integrated software and hardware solutions for on-demand, in-branch financial card issuance

Digital wallet

Digitalize banking transactions using mobile devices and Xpressi™ Pay

Centralized financial card issuance

Global EMV credit and debit card distribution. Scaleable solutions combining state-of-the-art software with a wide range of issuance technologies

Centralized government ID issuance

Ultra secure credential management and issuance for citizen IDs

Self-service issuance

Quickly issue cards directly to customers wallets using a self-service kiosk solution

Decentralized government ID issuance

Secure, government ID distribution solution for decentralized issuance facilities

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