Open platform, integrated software to manage Matica devices

Maticard Pro is a single suite software, based on an open platform which is easily adaptable for use with all Matica devices.

Its user friendly interface includes an editor to define the card layout and a ‘production engine’ that manages the jobs aligned with the machine controller. Production output can be traced through a log file and through detailed control files. A SDK (Software Development Kit) is available upon request and can be used to develop personalized Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL).

Key strengths

  • Full control of all Matica central issuance systems
  • Direct access to the main database
  • Multi-user friendly
  • Easy to integrate with software for chip encoding, including EMV
  • Real time log/audit traceability
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and 11
  • Can be supplied on the control PC, for easy access
  • File management and card layout utilities

Ideal for

  • Use with all Matica central issuance systems

Product features

Maticard Pro®

Production software

Multiple device



Fully compliant



Maticard Pro feature highlights 

Full control of Matica issuance devices

Maticard Pro enables the configuration of the selected issuance hardware and for appropriate commands to be sent. Maticard Pro has an intuitive and smart GUI (Graphical User Interface) and reduces the set-up time for laser engraving, printing, embossing, laminating and mailing systems.

Supports multiple technologies

All of Matica’s centralized issuance products work with Maticard Pro to ensure seamless integration and compatibility. All of Matica’s array of laser engraving, high resolution printing, laminating, embossing/indenting/tipping and mailing modules can be synergized using Maticard Pro software, with full machine control.

Create, edit and delete issuance jobs

Maticard Pro makes card issuance tasks simple. Its easy to use interface enables issuers to select the machine configuration linked to the specific issuance ‘job’. Users who are linked to the job are allowed to create and enter fields, name files, adjust layout properties and edit job lists. Users can also delete jobs and databases, whilst maintaining card layouts.

Import database fields

Maticard Pro connects to pre-configured databases for a fully automated experience, reducing the need for manual set-up and the need for constant oversight.

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