Direct to card printing

Versatile color printing directly on to plastic cards

Print full color portraits and graphics directly on to plastic cards

Matica’s direct to card print print technology enables issuers to print full color images directly onto the surface of a plastic card. DTC printers selectively heat a dye-based ribbon, typically with yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C) and black (K) panels. These are pressed directly on to the card’s surface, thereby infusing the color into the plastic. It works best with cards made from regular PVC or composite cards with a PVC top layer.

Matica provides thermal direct to card color printing either as a module in its central issuance systems or as a stand alone desktop system – the MC DTC series.

Next generation desktop direct to card printers

The MC DTC series is a robust and reliable printer range from Matica which offers superior print quality and a complete line of inline encoding, lamination and laser options. It is a reliable, cost effective solution for issuing plastic ID cards quickly and efficiently from the desktop and is well suited to a wide range of vertical markets.

  • High quality 300dpi printing
  • From 150 – 180 color cards per hour
  • Versatile upgrades including multiple encoding, lamination and laser options
  • Small compact footprint with a robust, reliable build quality
  • Supported by an extensive consumables program – chromXpert
  • Secure ribbon options for anti-forgery protection
  • Industry leading warranties

Direct to card printer range

From the entry level MC110 through to the versatile and feature-rich MC310 Matica provides a full range of options to suit every budget and volume requirement. All models are built on the same robust, reliable and established print engine. Flexible and with seamless integration features, the MC DTC series combines high quality printing with inline encoding options, whilst being compatible with CardExchange® ID issuance software, which offers full control over card designs, layouts and card functionality. In addition to the MC DTC series for secure ID, Matica offers a specifically designed direct to card model for financial EMV card instant issuance – the S3110.

Direct to card printing is also available as a module on selected Matica central issuance systems.

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