Centralized government ID issuance

Ultra secure credential management and issuance for citizen IDs

Converging digital and physical credentials to deliver secure, trusted government-issued IDs

Governments and civic authorities will often centralize the issuance and management of large scale citizen identity programs such as national ID cards, drivers licences, and social security cards. These schemes require the governing body to securely collect citizen data from a range of sources and manage this sensitive data to the point of credential issuance and beyond.

Matica’s digital identity software solutions provide governments with a secure framework to manage the whole process, from registration/enrolment to the issuance of a trusted credential, in both physical and digital form.

Matica’s solutions converge this trusted software with a range of high speed, high volume card issuance technologies, including:

  • Drop-on-Demand inkjet printing
  • Thermal transfer printing
  • Laser engraving
  • Lamination
  • High yield card encoding
  • Card mailing solutions

These systems have been developed to ensure governments and civic authorities can achieve the lowest cost per card possible, whilst maintaining the security and integrity of data throughout the issuance process. 

Matica’s scalable solutions have been stress tested in many large scale issuance programs and deliver reliability and maximized machine up-time. Matica’s modular hardware approach ensures that the system can be designed to match the specific card personalization requirement. It can also be easily scaled up or down to ensure volume demands are met whilst minimising the cost per card.

Digital ID

Benefits for governments

  • Low cost per card
  • Issue multiple different card types in high volumes from a central location
  • Secure printing techniques with holographic and other Visual Security Elements (VSEs) for enhanced anti-forgery protection
  • Citizens data remains encrypted all the way to the point of issuance
  • A single source solution that governments can rely upon
  • Long lasting and durable hardware – saving money in the long run

Benefits to citizens

  • Keeps citizen data secure
  • Quick to issue citizen ID cards
  • Card are delivered from the issuance facility right to the citizen’s door
  • Cards delivered ready for immediate use

Card issuance examples

  • National ID
  • Residence permits
  • Voter registration
  • Driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Healthcare
  • Social security
  • Multi-application cards

Matica’s centralized government ID issuance solutions

Converge Matica’s specially selected hardware and software options to deliver a trusted, secure centralized government ID issuance program. All products in this range are fully cross compatible, meaning that the selected hardware will work with the selected software for secure, easy integration.

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