Oversized card printing and personalization

Built on Matica’s established XID print engine, the XL8300 utilizes its retransfer printing technology to offer high quality, bespoke event badge printing on wide format plastic cards, widely used as access credentials in the event management industry.

Concert organizers, professional sports teams or event management marketing agencies can rely on XL8300 to quickly deliver personalized credentials for their events. Oversized cards may serve as event passes or tickets, as well as name tags to identify regular attendees, VIPs or staff. Highly visible, personalized, oversized cards for attendees, VIPs and staff help facilitate event security and access control requirements.

With outputs of up to 128 cards per hour in monochrome mode and up to 85 full color cards per hour, the XL8300 can deliver even when event timelines are tight and deadlines are looming. Its compact desktop footprint makes enables event badges to be printed onsite and on demand.

Key strengths

  • 300 x 300dpi color retransfer printing
  • Oversized card format:
    124 x 85.6mm / 4.88’’ x 3.37’’
  • Robust and durable print engine
  • Consistent print quality on multiple card surfaces/materials
  • High capacity consumables (1000 images)
  • Up to 85 color cards per hour
  • Scalable design and compact footprint
  • USB and Ethernet

Ideal for

  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Sports events

Optional upgrades

  • Inline contact chip and contactless smart card encoding
  • UV security printing

On-site issuance of high quality oversized cards

The XL8300 offers the largest printable area for plastic cards on the market and its superior print quality will positively reflect the image of the brand or organization.
This event badge printer lets issuers choose between monochrome carbon black shades or a full color range. Its retransfer printing technology ensures that issuers are not bound to standard PVC cards, but can also opt for more durable card materials, such as ABS and PET.

Matica’s XL8300 also offers a number of features to help secure events. These include a contactless chip encoding option for sites with specialized security requirements, as well as UV printing that enables the printing of an invisible logo, text, or watermarks to protect badges against forgery.

Product features

Print type

Retransfer dye sublimation

85 cph


128 cph


300 dpi


Printhead warranty



2 Years

Technical specifications


Dye sublimation

Single-side retransfer


Monochrome: 128 cph
Color: 85 cph


ISO14443A, B, ISO15693, MIFARE®, DESFire®,
HID iClass®


Oversized card Format
124 x 85.6mm
(4.88’’ x 3.37’’)


Card thickness
0.25 mm – 1.02 mm
(10 mil – 40 mil)
(Hopper adjustment required)

Input hopper:
100 cards (0.76mm)

Output stacker
100 cards (0.76mm)


USB 2.0


Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
549 x 322 x 411 mm
(21.6″ x 12.6″ x 16.1″)

15.6 kg
(34.3 lbs)
(excluding optional built-in items)


RibbonPanels CapacityPart No
ChromXpert DiamondYMCK1000 printsPR000816
ChromXpert DiamondYMCKK750 printsPR000817
ChromXpert DiamondYMCKUv750 printsPR000813
ChromXpert DiamondK2200 printsPR000815
ChromXpert DiamondRT Film1000 printsPR000819
ChromXpert PlatinumYMCKPo750 printsDIC10218

• To ensure print quality and card durability, printhead lifespan and overall printer reliability, use chromXpert ribbons only.
• Supply cores and cassettes are recyclable. Packaging is recycled.

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