Plastic card embossing

Desktop or inline embossing, tipping and indenting of financial cards

A range of solutions for decentralized and centralized issuance of embossed credit, debit and loyalty cards

Embossing creates an imprinted or stamped personalized detail on to a card that can be felt above the cards surface and can be used for taking a physical impression. It is typically used in the creation and personalization of financial cards, including debit, credit and loyalty cards.

Matica offers a range of solutions from stand-alone desktop units to inline high speed modules for mid to high volume card production in a centralized issuance environment. Matica’s embossers have been developed in accordance with the EMV regulations to ensure compliance with global standards.

  • Robust embossing mechanisms to deal with various plastic types
  • Stand-alone desktop solutions or inline embossing modules
  • Optional additional character upgrades

Embossing range

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