Self-issuance kiosk

Empowering card holders in branch

Self service instant card issuance for financial card applications

Using self-service instant issuance kiosks, banks and credit unions can provide cardholders with the ability to walk into a branch location and receive a fully issued and activated EMV compliant debit or credit card in a matter of minutes.

Matica’s self service kiosks combine a fast-paced, integrated printer with card encoding, a user friendly interface and highly secure software. Matica’s kiosk solutions can include touchless features that can be enabled by scanning a QR code on the kiosk’s screen with a smartphone, enabling it to interact directly with the kiosk.

  • Providing superior customer service levels with innovative solutions
  • Enabling secure, convenient, and instant services for card issuance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and experiences
  • Lowering costs given that self-service kiosks do not need to be staffed full-time

Self-issuance kiosk range

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