Convergent solutions

Bridging the physical and digital realms

Convergent solution range

An individual’s identity can be materialized and digitized in many formats – a payment app, a driver’s license, an online authentication certificate. Whether it is a trusted physical representation or a digital equivalent, we have proven systems that issue a secure credential to safeguard your identity in all environments.

From high volume centralized issuance to distributed systems linked to registration and lifecycle programs, Matica Group solutions converge the physical and digital worlds.

Financial instant issuance

Integrated software and hardware solutions for on-demand, in-branch financial card issuance

Digital wallet

Digitalize banking transactions using mobile devices and Xpressi™ Pay

Centralized financial card issuance

Global EMV credit and debit card distribution. Scaleable solutions combining state-of-the-art software with a wide range of issuance technologies

Centralized government ID issuance

Ultra secure credential management and issuance for citizen IDs

Self-service issuance

Quickly issue cards directly to customers wallets using a self-service kiosk solution

Decentralized government ID issuance

Secure, government ID distribution solution for decentralized issuance facilities

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