High quality, fast and flexible card printing and encoding

The S6200GG is preconfigured for dual-sided high speed monochrome or color card printing. Built with two thermal printing stations, it produces near edge-to-edge card designs, photos, logos, alphanumeric text, or barcodes, combining print performance with printer consistency.

The S6200GG is the perfect solution for any cost conscious card production bureau and is ideal for a diverse range of card issuance schemes, including loyalty, membership, access control, employee ID, and flat financial cards.

It can produce up to 2000 cards per hour in production mode. Multiple card encoding options are available to suit the individual card issuance program. These include a magnetic stripe (ISO or JIS2) encoding station and/or a single contact or contactless smart card station or a multi-smart card personalization module. The smart card personalization module can encode up to 5 contact or 3 contactless smart cards simultaneously to speed up production.

A lamination module is also available to add a layer of visual security and increase the lifespan of the card.

Key strengths

  • High speed thermal printing, with optional card encoding
  • Built upon proven, proprietary technology
  • Modular, with flexible configuration and defined field upgradability
  • PCI/DSS compliant software
  • Step-up license option to “unlock” any field upgrade option

Ideal for

  • Mid-volume issuance schemes at card personalization centers or within financial institutions
  • Loyalty cards
  • Membership cards
  • Access control cards
  • Employee ID cards
  • Flat financial cards

Optional card personalization elements

  • Pro issuance kit (key locked cabinet, stack light, data encryption)
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Single or multi smart card encoding station
  • Smart secure laminator
  • Graphical personalization integrity verification
  • Inline card mailing system
  • Card folding and envelope insertion

Flexible and reliable card printing for centralized production

Printing is designed for flexible, reliable high volume production. The S6200GG includes two high-speed thermal print engines, enabling flexible card layout creation and maximizing production speed.

Matica’s dual high speed S1 graphic printing engine has been designed for monochrome and full color printing. The S6200GG is ideally suited to printing text, barcodes, logos, or photos at 300 dpi resolution. The integrated flip over station allows optimal front and rear card management, and the advanced cleaning unit ensures a quality card finish is issued.

Scalable solution, designed with the issuer in mind

The S6200GG’s scalable, modular design can operate in full autonomy and can be upgraded into a platform with up to 5 modules. The S6200GG can also be upgraded to a S7000 high-volume issuance system by using the step-up license option to “unlock” field upgrades, enabling issuers to match output demands if they increase.

Smart, safe and secure card issuance

As an additional security measure, issuers can take advantage of the ‘pro issuance kit’ – including a key locked cabinet, stack light and data encryption. Graphical personalization integrity verification can also be integrated to further increase compliance with advanced security policies. To streamline the process of getting the finished products into customers’ hands, a card folding and envelope insertion station can be added, transforming the S6200GG into a complete card-to-envelope solution.

Product features

Print type

Dye sublimation

Print type

Dye sublimation

2000 cph

Monochrome print speed



300 dpi


Input capacity


Output capacity


Reject bin

Security pack

From Matica


Fully compliant

x1 Card feeder

600 card feeder

Paper folds

C / V / Z

Card mailing

Optional inline module

Advance Clean®

Card cleaning system


In-line option

Maticard Pro®

Production software


1 year

Technical specifications


Monochrome or color

Thermal printing

300 dpi

Print area
Near edge to edge

2000 cph

Dual S1 high-speed printer
Flip-over for dual-side printing
Dual-side cleaning station


Magnetic stripe encoding
Tracks 1, 2 & 3 ISO7811, HiCo/LoCo

EMV compliant contact chip encoding
EMV compliant contactless chip encoding


Format and materials

Card material

Card feeder
600 cards

Card stacker
600 cards


USB 2.0


Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
1560 to 2180 x 550 x 1400 mm (61 to 86’’ x 22’’ x 55’’)

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