Enhancing card security and durability inline with the MC660 printer or as a stand-alone unit

The MC-L laminator module is the ideal solution to enhance the durability and the security of cards printed on the MC660 retransfer card printer. Easy to install and operate, the MC-L can either work inline with the MC660, using the connection plinth supplied, or can be operated as a stand-alone unit. It laminates cards at exceptional speeds, laminating both sides of the card in less than 20 seconds thanks to the simultaneous dual-side lamination process.

The MC-L is available in three different configurations to suit any card lamination application:
• Single-sided lower cassette only
• Single-sided upper cassette only
• Dual-sided with both lower and upper cassettes

Key strengths

  • Compact desktop design that seamlessly integrates with the MC660 retransfer printer
  • Up to 180 cards per hour
  • Controllable from Matica’s EDIsecure driver

Ideal for

  • National ID cards
  • Driving licenses
  • Resident cards
  • Corporate cards
  • Campus / student cards


  • Continuous overlay film or patch laminate
  • Standard or customized holographic or
    clear laminate
  • Single-sided (upper or lower cassette) or
    dual-sided lamination

Enhancing card security

Once personalized, cards can be laminated with the MC-L by using a heat-sealing film. This film can contain holographic and other Visual Security Elements (VSEs) for enhanced protection. Matica offers a range of standard holographic designs in both patch laminate and continuous film formats. For the ultimate security protection, organisations can opt for a customized holographic laminate with VSEs that are unique to them – this approach is often adopted for government secure documents such as driving licenses and national ID cards.

Secure A holographic overlay

Reinforcing card durability

Another important reason to laminate pre-personalized cards is to increase the durability and extend the life of the card, thanks to the enhanced mechanical and UV resistance of the lamination material. A card laminated with a 1.0 mil (35 micron) patch can have a lifecycle of up to 10 years – a timeframe often mandated for government/citizen ID schemes.

1.0mil patch laminate

Product features

Lamination mode

Single & dual-sided

Inline lamination

With MC660


Stand alone

Input capacity


Output stacker

150 (optional)

Lamination speed

19 seconds

LCD display

Reject bin


2 Years

Technical specifications


Lamination method
Heater roller

Lamination mode
Single and dual-sided

Halogen lamp
Single: 500W x 1 vertical
Dual: 500W x 2 vertical

Lamination speed
19 seconds


Protected with RFID tag

Thin film overlay
Clear or standard/customized holographic 1000 repeats/roll

Clear or standard/customized holographic 500 repeats/roll

Patch thickness
0.5 mil (clear)
0.6 mil (holographic)
1.0 mil (clear/holographic)


Card materials

Card format
ISO CR-80-ISO 7810
53.98 x 85.60 mm
(3.375” x 2.125”)

Card thickness
0.76mm -1.0 mm
(30 mil – 40 mil)

Output stacker: 150 cards
Manual single card feed
Input hopper: 100 cards (stand-alone option only)


USB 2.0 (High-speed)


Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
319.4 x 215.9 x 314.1 mm
(12.5″ x 8.5″ x 12.3″)



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