Providing compliant certification

Xpressi™ Certificate of Authority is an application for certificate generation and is ideal for closed-loop proprietary schemes requiring self signing certificates. Used as stand alone software or as an additional feature to mainstream Xpressi software packages, Xpressi Certificate of Authority can be teamed with Secure ID, instant issuance, and Xpressi Smart Q Print.

Process overview

  • Keys are created specifically for the certificate type customers will be signing
  • The application ID of the certificate is stored with the key in a RID field
  • A unique Certificate Authority index (CA index) is associated with the certificate and the signing key
  • The Certificate of Authority index is stored with the key
  • The keys are stored in a database
  • The database is then configured and each key use is recorded in an audit database.

Key features

  • Ease of operation with a user-friendly interface
  • Creation, tracking, and storage of public/private key pairs for signing into a SQL database
  • Support for multiple vendor certificates
  • Complete PCI compliance

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