An advanced portfolio to meet today’s convergent identity demands

Matica’s technologies

Matica’s unique technology portfolio combines physical and digital solutions and serves a vast range of markets.

Encoding technologies

A range of inline technologies to write secure encrypted data to cards including: Contact chip, contactless chip and magnetic stripe encoding

Drop on Demand (DoD)

High resolution printing with enhanced durability, all delivered with the lowest cost per card

Direct to card printing

• High quality 300dpi color and monochrome printing • Secure printing options • Inline encoding options • Inline lamination and laser options

Retransfer printing

• 300dpi – 600dpi full color and monochrome printing • Up to 150cph • UV and security printing • Over the edge printing • Prints on multiple card types

chromXpert™ consumables

• Full range of comprehsive consumables • Diamond or Platinum range • Can be programmed to work on selected projects • Laminate patches


• Can be paired with DTC and RT printers • Increases card durability • Reduces the risk of fraud and counterfeiting

ID card issuance software

• Easy to create, connect, encode, and produce identity cards • For schools, universities, and enterprise access control systems • Optional pre-defined databases

Laser engraving

• Up to 1200 dpi • Up to 2000 cph output • Card security including microtext, MLI, CLI, MSPI • Anti-forgery protection

Passport printing

• 4800 x 1200dpi resolution per color • Up to 180 pph • ICAO 9303 compliant • RFID encoding and camera options

Metal plate embossing

• Reliable automatic plate feeder mechanism • Silent embossing mechanism • Variable plate and font size • Various metal types and thicknesses

Plastic card embossing

• Desktop or inline embossing, tipping and indenting of financial cards • Robust embossing mechanism to deal with various plastic types • 72 character drum • EMV compliant • Encoding options • Security locks

Self-issuance kiosks

• Self service instant card issuance for financial card applications • EMV compliant • Superior customer service levels

Card issuance and management software – Xpressi

Market leading smart card personalization and management software systems • Flexible architecture • Card issuance protection

Central issuance systems

• Distribute thousands of cards • Can be connected to a mailing system • Full secure issuance solution • Paired with Maticard Pro and Xpressi to deliver the full secure issuance solution

EMV instant issuance software – COTS

• PCI and EMV compliant • Unlimited users per branch, no cost per card, no annual license fee • Complete reporting and administrative tools

Machine control software

• Full control of all Matica central issuance systems • Easy to integrate with software for chip encoding, including EMV

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