Guarantee printer life and issuance quality

The regular use of chromXpert cleaning kits guarantees the longevity of the printer whilst ensuring the best possible print quality.

Practical and easy to use, Matica’s cleaning kits provide all the necessary elements to clean and maintain the printer system. Use chromXpert cards alongside other approved chromXpert products including ribbonslaminatessecurity films and cards.

Key strengths

  • Removes any dirt or debris residue from long issuance cycles
  • Ensures the durability of the printer and minimizes downtime
  • Maintains card personalization quality for the best and most consistent printing results

Ideal for

  • XID retransfer printer series
  • MC660 retransfer printer
  • MC DTC printer series
  • ILM LS-DS laminator series
  • MC-L laminator series
  • LCP9660 laser and retransfer printer

Cleaning kit specifications – Desktop printers

ChromXpert has developed a cleaning kit range for Matica’s desktop printers. See the full range below:

Kit: MC DTC series cleaning kit
Use with: MC310, MC210, MC110, S3110
Product code: PR20309601

Developed and optimized for use with Matica’s DTC printers:

  • 5 x Cleaning cards
  • 5 x 6″ swabs
  • 1 x Long cleaning T-card
  • 1 x Printhead cleaning pen

Kit: XID 8xxx, S3200 and ILM cleaning kit
Use with: XID8300, XID8600, S3200, S3200HD, ILM-LS, ILM-DS
Product code: DIK10044

Developed and optimized for use with Matica’s XID8300, XID8600, S3200, S3200HD, ILM-LS, ILM-DS:

  • 10 x Cleaning cards
  • 10 x Printhead swabs
  • 10 x Cleaning wipes

Kit: Cleaning kit and cards
Use with: MC660
Product code: PR09209001 (x1 Cleaning kit), PR09209002 (x10 Cleaning cards)

Developed and optimized for use with Matica’s MC660 retransfer printer:

  • 10 x Cleaning cards
  • 1 x Cleaning kit (10 x swabs, 10 x cleaning cards)
PR09209002 (x10 Cleaning cards)
PR09209001 (x1 Cleaning kit)

Kit: MC-L series cleaning cards
Use with: MC-L, MC-L2
Product code: PR09209003

Developed and optimized for use with Matica’s MC-L laminators:

  • 10 x Dual sided adhesive roller cleaning cards

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