Easy, secure, instant financial card issuance

Xpressi Instant Issuance offers a wide range of capabilities that make it the perfect fit for instant issuance applications in the financial sector.

It is able to personalize a wide variety of chip types and brands, enabling the issuance of compliant Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) credit, debit or prepaid cards on-demand, in-branch at customer locations.

Xpressi Instant Issuance is fully integrated with Matica’s diverse range of card issuance hardware solutions. This provides banks, credit unions and other financial institutions with a converged end-to-end solution for secure and instant financial card issuance.

Benefits to financial institutions

  • Speed up card activation and increase usage and transaction rates
  • Increase customer convenience
  • Remain top-of-wallet
  • Reduce delivery costs and potential for fraud that comes with cards sent by mail

Benefits to the customer

  • Instant purchasing power
  • Instant replacement of lost or stolen cards

Xpressi instant issuance video

Xpressi instant issuance process flow

Architecture: Xpressi instant issuance

Xpressi features

Extendible architecture

Xpressi Instant issuance is designed and built to handle hundreds of branches within the instant issuance architecture.

Flexible input file

The input file to Xpressi Server from a host can be a CSV, XML, IBM MQ message or text file.

Unlimited Bank Identification Numbers (BINs)

Xpressi has a unique capability to allow an unlimited number of BINs per issuer. This also enables each issuer to have multiple card programs per BIN.

Monitoring capabilities

Monitor Hardware Security Modules (HSM) utilization, throughput of card per hour, real time branch printer status and jobs running in production.

Personalization scripts

Personalization scripts are part of the Xpressi EMV software and are developed based on the following factors:

  • Type of chip
  • Payment application
  • Application parameters such as SDA, DDA, CVM, etc.
  • Data input file from the Card Management System (CMS)

Enhance Xpressi Instant Issuance software with Xpressi PIN

The Xpressi™ PIN change solution, provides a straightforward process for issuers to enable their customers to choose their own ‘Personal Identification Number’. Seamlessly integrated with Xpressi software packages, Xpressi PIN is a post issuance solution for financial institutions and their customers to securely create, change, unblock and verify PINs.

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