Seamless integration with external devices

Integrating COTS Connect API will enable issuers to offer a diverse range of card control to customers. This can include card activation, card deactivation, replacement card ordering, CVV2 verification, and PIN change, all directly available through home banking, mobile banking and audio response systems.

Using a robust, secure, programming platform, COTS Connect API offers an easy-to-use integration with third party devices. Its deep integration features it enables users to get straight to the core processing system and transaction processing networks, which can be instantly updated with the activation request and/or new PIN offset.

cards on the spot connect api

COTS Connect can also schedule replacement cards so that they can be printed to a predefined location. Lost and stolen cards can be immediately deactivated and the CVV2 validation process can be integrated into other non-instant issuance applications.

COTS Connect API is an add-on that can be used to enhance the basic COTS package. Using full core and transaction processor integration, COTS Connect API can be integrated direct, through the core or through third party applications that have the capability to update processors. This makes it ideal for banks and financial institutions who are looking too regularly issue EMV bank cards.

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