All-in-one solution for printing, embossing and encoding EMV financial cards

The S3610 is the result of decades of experience in developing a complete financial card personalization solution. It is a comprehensive instant issuance solution that delivers printed, embossed and encoded credit and debit cards on demand at branch level. It seamlessly combines Matica’s expertise in direct to card printing, embossing, and encoding in one compact desktop package.

The S3610 is compliant with Visa® and Mastercard® requirements. Its compact size in combination with its manual front feed/eject slot makes it ideal for self-service kiosk applications.

Key strengths

  • 6 feeders and front manual feeder/eject
  • Compact desktop design easily fits kiosks
  • High-level security features
  • Printing, embossing and tipping in one system
  • Visa and Mastercard security compliance

Ideal for

  • Instant issuance of embossed, printed and encoded financial cards
  • EMV cards


  • Contact and/or contactless chip encoding
  • Six automatic feeders (100 cards each)
  • Smart Class Controller
  • Second drum 72 characters – top indent

Efficient and secure EMV bank card personalization

Electronic locks with manual key override are fitted as standard security features to prevent unauthorized access to cards and consumables, ensuring customer details are kept secure all the way to the point of issuance. Secure connectivity is provided from USB to LAN with single wire functionality (Smart Class controller) and real time cloud monitoring – enabling the customer to monitor the production of all machines installed.

The S3610 is MasterCard® and VISA® compliant, with the inclusion of the ‘Matica Security Pack’ for financial issuance, which entails a comprehensive set of security features that fulfil specific requirements for financial card personalization. It fully complies with international regulations that govern physical and logical security in the financial issuance industry.

Product features

Print type

Dye sublimation

Print type

Dye sublimation

300 dpi


Print mode

Dual-sided (standard)

Embossing / indenting


72 characters


Tipping colors

White, Black, Gold, Silver

Reject bin

Security pack

From Matica


Fully compliant


Physical and electronic


1 year

Product options

x6 auto feeders

100 cards per feeder



Single wire

Encoding option

Technical specifications


Color dye-sublimation and monochrome resin thermal transfer
Single and dual-sided printing


Magnetic stripe encoding, embossing, rear indenting, tipping – full cycle (58 seconds)
Plus one-side monochrome printing – full cycle (62 seconds)
Plus one-side color printing – full cycle (78 seconds)

72 character drum
Rear Indent


Magnetic stripe encoding
Tracks 1, 2 & 3 ISO7811, HiCo/LoCo

EMV compliant contact chip encoding
EMV compliant contactless chip encoding


Format and materials
ISO CR80, ISO7810, ISO7816, ISO14443A&B

Card material
PVC, composite PVC and PET cards

Card feeder
Front manual feeder/eject
3 or 6 automatic feeders: 100 cards each (0,76mm)
Concealed card stacker: 30 cards

Reject bin
30 cards


USB 2.0
Optional LAN (Linux OS) with single wire connectivity and real time cloud monitoring
Optional LAN (embedded PC Win 10) to host instant issuance client software


Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
700 x 540 x 260 mm
(27.5″ x 21.2″ x 10.2″)

Single drum: 38kg (84 lbs)
dual drum: 45kg (100lb)

1 year or 50,000 cards


Tipping ribbonsMetersCapacityPart No.
Tipping black122approx. 4000 cardsB2.337.02.01
Tipping white122approx. 4000 cardsB2.337.02.15

Infiller ribbonsMetersCapacityPart No.
Infill black122Rear indent 7 characters
Approx. 2000 cards
Infill white122Rear indent 7 characters
Approx. 2000 cards

RibbonsPanelsCapacityPart No.
ChromXpertYMCKO250 printsPR22319301
ChromXpertMonochrome K (Black)Up to 2000 printsPR20314305
ChromXpertMonochrome WhiteUp to 2000 printsPR22314308
Cleaning kitPR20309601

• To ensure print quality and card durability, printhead lifespan and overall printer reliability, use chromXpert ribbons only. 
• Supply cores and cassettes are recyclable. Packaging is recycled. 

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