Flat card laser engraving for bank card and ID personalization programs

Designed to fulfil the specific requirements of mid-volume centralized card issuance programs based on laser engraving technology, the S6200LX is a preconfigured high performance platform combining industrial scale laser engraving with a range of secure card encoding options.

The S6200LX is a high speed, cost effective solution for high security ID cards and all types of flat financial cards, with production speeds of up to 2,000 cards per hour.

It is equipped with state-of-the-art, proprietary Matica laser technology, designed to optimize the engraving of multi-material cards. It features a laser source, scanning head and programming software which is all fine-tuned for industrial card personalization with precision, quality, stability, and reliability.

Key strengths

  • High speed, high quality laser engraving with optional card encoding
  • Broad laser applications from simple text to complex objects
  • Ideal for specialist materials
    (metal cards, display cards)
  • Modular, with flexible configuration and defined field upgradability
  • PCI/DSS compliant software
  • Step up license option to “unlock” any field upgrade option

Ideal for

  • Mid to high volume issuance schemes
  • Flat financial card personalization, including ‘Visa quick read’ cards
  • Drivers licences
  • Other government IDs, including nation ID cards

Optional upgrades

  • Laser marking: card positioning kit
  • Pro issuance kit (key locked cabinet, stack light, data encryption)
  • Magnetic stripe encoding
  • Single or multi smart card encoding station
  • S1 high speed printer
  • Smart secure laminator
  • Graphical personalization integrity verification
  • Inline card mailing, card folding and envelope insertion

Scalable solution, designed with the issuer in mind

The S6200LX’s scalable, modular design can operate in full autonomy or can be upgraded into a platform with up to 5 modules. Additional options cover a range of applications and include high speed thermal printing and lamination, to offer a full solution for color secure ID cards such as National IDs and driving licenses.

The S6200LX’s innovative design supports enhanced engraving capabilities, and the card handling features a new ‘finger loader’ designed to avoid card scratching in the production process. This is coupled with an innovative ultra-fast flipper, developed without motion components, that optimizes production speed.

Scale and upgrade to your demands

Built using robust, reliable components, the S6200LX system is designed to meet the specific needs of mid-volume issuers. It combines consistent, reliable throughputs with high production quality and secure card data integrity. The S6200LX comes with cabinet storage for cards and consumables, as well as a support for a flat screen external monitor and keyboard.

The S6200LX can also be upgraded to a S7000 high-volume issuance system by using the step-up license option to “unlock” field upgrades, enabling issuers to match output demands if they increase.

Scalable, modular design the S6200LX is a configuration that can operate in full autonomy or can be upgraded into a platform with up to 5 modules. It can be linked with an inline card mailing system for a complete card-to-envelope solution to ensure customer details are kept safe throughout the issuance process. The system is flexible to upgrade to a S7000 high-volume issuance system for more demanding production environments.

Smart, safe and secure financial card issuance

As an additional security measure, issuers can take advantage of the ‘pro issuance kit’ – including a key locked cabinet, stack light and data encryption. Graphical personalization integrity verification can also be integrated to further increase compliance with advanced security policies. To streamline the process of getting the finished products into customers’ hands, a card folding and envelope insertion station can be added, transforming the S6200LX into a complete card-to-envelope solution.

Product features

Fiber laser GEN 2


Laser engraving

Flat card



Laser resolution

1200 dpi

Laser engraving

up to 2000 cph

Pro issuance kit

Cabinet/stack light/data encryption


Fully compliant

Printing option

Dye sublimation option inline module


In-line option

Card mailing

Optional inline module

Cabinet options

Limited to 5

Input capacity


Output capacity


Reject bin

Maticard Pro®

Production software


1 year

Technical specifications


Laser engraving

1200+ dpi

Dual-sided marking

2000 cph

Laser station
20W Fiber laser GEN2
Protected marking chamber with inspection window
Optional card positioning kit


Magnetic stripe encoding
3-track ISO HiCo / LoCo (optional)

Single or multiple smart card encoding station (optional)


Format and materials

Card material

Card feeder
600 cards

Card stacker
600 cards


USB 2.0


Printer dimensions (L x W x H)
1190 to 2180 x 550 x 1400 mm (47’’ to 86’’ x 21 x 55’’)

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