Increase card durability and security with Matica’s Inline Laminating Modules (ILM)

Lamination can be used as a premium security measure to upgrade the level of forgery protection whilst also increasing the lifetime of the cards. The ILM has been configured to be significantly faster and more cost-effective, due to its modern industrial design.

It works with both clear laminates (for durability) as well as holographic laminates (for security) for maximum issuance flexibility. The ILM-LS model is for high speed single-sided lamination, while the robust ILM-DS takes care of dual-sided lamination requirements. The ILM is the fastest laminating module available on the market, with a speed of 16 seconds per card for single-sided and 30 seconds per card for dual-sided lamination.

Enhancing card security

Cards are laminated with the ILM by using a heat-sealing film. This film can contain holographic and other Visual Security Elements (VSEs) for enhanced protection. Matica offers a range of standard holographic designs in both patch laminate and continuous film formats. For the ultimate security protection, organisations can opt for a customized holographic laminate with VSEs that are unique to them – this approach is often adopted for government secure documents such as driving licenses and national ID cards.

Key strengths

  • High-speed lamination – 16s per side
  • Connects seamlessly to XID 8300 and 8600 printers
  • Key locks and Kensington lock

Ideal for

  • Increasing card durability and security
  • National ID cards
  • Driving licenses

Optional upgrades

  • Dual-sided lamination

Optimize issuance costs and card life

Another important reason to laminate pre-personalized cards is to increase the durability and extend the life of the card, thanks to the enhanced mechanical and UV resistance of the lamination material. A card laminated with a 1.0 mil (35 micron) patch can have a lifecycle of up to 10 years – a timeframe often mandated for government/citizen ID schemes.

The ILM can be seamlessly combined with Matica’s XID 8300 and XID 8600 retransfer printers to create a seamless one card personalization solution.The module’s compact size and the availability of single or dual-sided models offers you additional flexibility to match your budget and requirements.

Product features

Lamination speed

16s single-sided

Lamination speed

30s dual-sided

Lamination mode

Single & dual-sided


In-line option

Secure ribbon


Key lock



Holographic retransfer film


2 Years

Technical specifications


Thermal transfer

Single-sided with ILM-LS
Dual-sided with ILM-DS

16-30 seconds per card
(single-sided or dual-sided)

Speed settings
3 mm/s – 12 mm/s

Temperature settings
90°C – 180°C adjustable in 5°C steps


Polycarbonate cards of ISO ID-1/CR-80 size, 85.60 x 53.98 mm

Card thickness
0.76 mm


326 x 210 x 360 mm
(12.8″ x 8.2″ x 14.1″)

ILM-LS: 8.1 kg (17.8lbs)
ILM-DS: 9.0 kg (9.8lbs)


LaminateTypeCapacityPart No
0.5mil clear patchClear550 printsPR20808406
1.0mil clear patchClear550 printsPR20808401
0.6mil holographic patch generic “Secure A” with chip cut-outStandard holographic550 printsPR20808416
Clear thin overlayClear1250 printsPR20808500
Thin holographic overlay with generic “card waves” designStandard holographic1250 printsDIC10176
Thin holographic overlay with generic “Secure A” design, in registrationStandard holographic1000 printsPR20808503
0.6mil holographic patch with generic “Secure A” designStandard holographic550 printsPR20808412
0.6mil holographic patch with generic “Secure B” designStandard holographic550 printsPR20808413
1.0mil holographic patch with generic “Secure A” designStandard holographic550 printsPR20808415
0.6mil customized holographic patchCustomized holographic550 printsPR20808411
0.6mil customized holographic patch with chip cut-outCustomized holographic550 printsPR20808416
1.0mil customized holographic patchCustomized holographic550 printsPR20808410
1.0mil customized holographic patch with chip cut-out Customized holographic550 printsPR20808417
Customized thin holographic overlay (continuous)Customized holographic1250 printsPR20820502
Customized thin holographic overlay (registered)Customized holographic1000 printsPR20820504

• Supply cores and cassettes are recyclable. Packaging is recycled.

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