Consumables for central issuance systems

Ribbons, laminates and filter sets

Matica has devised a comprehensive range of ribbons, laminates and filter sets created to be fully compatible with Matica hardware for central issuance systems.

Consumable descriptionCapacityProduct compatibilityTechnologyPart No.
Black K2 black monochrome ribbon11,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0031
YMC sequential dye sublimation color ribbon15,000 printsS7000PrintingB2.342.0055 – 56 – 57
Half YMC color photo ribbon3,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0050
TTR clear overlay clear ribbon12,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0038
krO 2 panel black overlay2,300 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0044
YMCKO 5 panel ribbon1,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0023
YMCKOK 6 panel ribbon800 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0039
hYMCK-KO 3 + 2 panel ribbon1,400 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0047
Scratch-off pattern ribbon6,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0042
Spot color – blue, red, green monochrome ribbon5,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0052 – 53 – 54
Black resin plus ribbon9,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0025
Clear UV overlay ribbon12,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0058
Unichroma primer plus 12,000 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0061
White plus ribbon5,200 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0067
Silver plus ribbon5,200 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0065
Gold plus ribbon5,200 printsS5200, S6200GE, S6200GG, S7000PrintingB2.342.0068
Black ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-01
Black ribbon11,000 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-52
Light green3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-04
Gold ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-05
Silver ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-06
White ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-07
Dark red ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-08
Metallic gold ribbon 3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-11
Midnight blue ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-12
Red ribbon3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-14
Light blue 3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-15
Metallic silver 3,200 printsImageMaster D40PrintingCTC 6429-16
0.5 mil clear lamination full card patch760 patchesS6200, S7000LaminationB2.342.0029
1.0 mil clear lamination full card patch620 patchesS6200, S7000LaminationB2.342.0030
1.0 mil clear lamination chip cut out patch620 patchesS6200, S7000LaminationB2.342.0062
LX filtering setn/aS4200LX, S5200LX, S6200LXLaseringB2.600.0065 – 66
PVC filtering setn/aS4200LX, S5200LX, S6200LXLaseringB2.600.0034 -35 – 36
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