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Matica is a leading fintech provider, offering converged end-to-end solutions for both digital and physical payment applications

As requirements for payment authentication have evolved, so have Matica’s technologies and solutions for the financial services markets. From plastic card embossing through to digital wallets, Matica enables financial services organizations to deliver secure, convenient and cost-effective payment solutions that enhance the customer experience. Using specialist software packages such as Xpressi, Matica ensures that financial services organizations have full personalization control whilst maintaining strict data security.

Matica’s complete synergized hardware and software solutions offer financial services organizations a cross-platform EMV issuance program.

Financial issuance software

Matica’s comprehensive portfolio of specialist financial issuance software encompass solutions for secure centralized or localized issuance of EMV compliant payment credentials. These credentials can take the form of a digital wallet or a physical card issued using a combination of Matica’s advanced printing and chip personalisation technologies.

Whatever personalization method or location is chosen, the end-to-end process is underpinned by a modular suite of software solutions tailored for the specific requirement, but fully integrated to maximize security and synergies.

Digital payments

Digital wallet or mobile payment, has become an essential offering for banks to help create a frictionless transaction experience for customers.

Matica has developed an innovative software solution, Xpressi Pay, that seamlessly integrates with a mobile device to enable it to be effectively used as a contactless credit or debit card for financial transactions. By using Xpressi Pay, banks will be able to issue digital bank cards that are designed and certified to meet all of the Visa and MasterCard cloud-based payment standards.

In-branch instant issuance

Matica has a range of turnkey solutions for banks, credit unions and other financial services organizations that are looking to instantly issue secure financial cards, including EMV, debit and credit cards, in-branch. 

These solutions help financial institutions to improve the customer experience by providing the card holder with instant purchasing power. Customers are also able to replace lost, damaged or stolen cards instantly without having to wait for a new card to be posted to them. 

Matica’s solutions converge its market-leading Fii software with high quality desktop systems able to print and securely encode financial cards instantaneously.

Matica Instant Issuance Solutions
State-of-the-art ID card printer

EMV debit and credit card personalization

Whether you are looking for the hardware to set up a small over-the-counter production at branch level or high volume centralized production, Matica offers personalization technologies that enable you to issue secure, EMV compliant debit and credit card tailored to your organization’s brand and systems.

Matica’s technologies integrate modular color printing, embossing, laser engraving, high yield card encoding and mailing/fulfilment solutions focused on maintaining data integrity whilst optimizing cost per card.

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