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Identity management in the healthcare sector is critical to manage sensitive patient data, staff and visitor access and role-based access to systems

There are a number of critical applications requiring robust, secure identity solutions within the healthcare sector. For patients, identity is used to authenticate membership of health insurance schemes and to facilitate payment. As witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic, governments and health authorities can use an identity based system to enable citizens to confirm health status.

Within most hospitals, staff are required to carry ID in the form of a card or software application. This is typically a role-based smart card that gives appropriate access both to physical areas within the hospital and also, importantly, logical access to sensitive patient data. Visitors must also be managed in accordance with the facility’s policies.

Matica’s integrated identity management and issuance systems offer solutions to all of these challenges.

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Healthcare / insurance cards

Healthcare insurance cards are used by patients to provide proof of health insurance certificates and validation. These are typically smart cards and can include other applications, for example data related to the patient’s medical records or even payment applications.

Both physical and electronic security is typically required for these cards to a level similar to the issuance of a financial or government issued credential. Matica provides solutions that can securely issue credentials from a centralized location or systems that enable secure, on-site issuance.

Citizen health ‘passports’

Government issued health ‘passports’ are typically large scale programs designed to give citizens access to healthcare or for citizens to use to confirm health status.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the need for governments to rapidly deploy health status schemes. Matica’s converged physical and digital identity solutions enable a credential to be issued to both a physical card, en masse from a central location or to a software application, typically using a mobile device.

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Role-based healthcare staff ID

Within most hospitals, staff are required to carry ID in the form of a card or software application. This is typically a role-based smart card that enables appropriate physical and logical access.

Matica’s ID management software in combination with its desktop range of issuance systems can be combined to enable on-site issuance and lifecycle management of secure multi-application staff credentials. These can be used to grant and/or revoke access to buildings, wards, systems and sensitive patient information.

Visitor cards

Visitors to medical facilities must be managed in accordance with policy, typically with patient security and privacy paramount. Matica’s range of desktop issuance systems enable pre-registration, instant on-site issuance and lifecycle management of visitor cards.

Hospital pass for visitors

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