Advanced cloud solution with seamless integration features available anywhere, on any device.

CardExchange® Cloud Suite, a suite of products brings modernized approach to today’s ID management and security demand. CardExchange is a renowned software system trusted by leading companies worldwide, letting card issuers primarily focus on using innovative applications that will save company time and more importantly, money.

Cloud Suite delivers a range online products straight to issuer devices for easy and efficient credential management solutions which meet the industry demands set by ID card issuers. Using a centralized cloud based solution, users will get full control anywhere in the world to manage their credential system. The CardExchange® Cloud Suite offers six different Software as a Service (SaaS) products to create the ultimate range for any organization that’s looking to implement a Secure ID solution.

Cloud suite is the first of its kind to offer an ID card management system, Cloud suite allows you all current industry standard functionalities while only paying for what is used. Cloud Suite offers a fully dedicated enterprise ID enrolment system that is scalable to fit any organizational needs. It is the first to offer an easy, online, subscription based programme where users will only pay for the records that are required.

Key strengths

  • Accessible across the world
  • GDPR compliant
  • Hosted via a reliable Microsoft programme
  • Full customized to organizations needs
  • Ideal for digital and virtual identification

Ideal for

Software features

  • Transparent data protection
  • Secure user authentication
  • Encrypted data transportation
  • Manage card life-cycle

Cloud Suite features 

CardExchange® Cloud Suite offers powerful tools for secure ID management processes within your organization. Cloud suite will create consistency with issuance cycles, re-issuance, and renewal processes with custom configured workflows. Issuers will need to be able to respond quickly to specific customer needs and offer high speed, secure applications, the development platforms for CardExchange® Cloud Suite have been specifically chosen to do the job.

Management of card lifecycle

Manage your card lifecycle from enrollment to end of use. Make sure at all times you have only one active physical card and immediately update your back offices if a card is lost or stolen with real time card status updates by your card holders.

Digital and virtual identification

Instant IDs are essential to most organizations. By adding a CardExchange® Stand subscription to your solution you can implement a Virtual or Digital ID into your organization. Instantly deliver branded virtual or digital IDs to our Stand App create a perfect mobile ID. Instantly block an ID to prevent unwanted entry at any of your locations.

Connect and sync data

Easily synchronize your data from your current systems. Whether connecting to a database or an API, our CardExchange® Bridge offers and easy way to keep your data in all systems up to date.

Application gateways

The Application Gateway receives the client request and directs them through the Web Application Firewall (WAF) to the correct service on Azure™. The Web Application Firewall analyzes the content and takes care that suspicious requests are being blocked, to avoid attaches that could compromise the system.

GDPR compliant data protection

Following the highest standards in data protection, our suite solution follows GDPR standards. Our hosting options are enclosed instances, no data travels to other hosting locations or shared.

Customizable software solution

CardExchange® Cloud Suite products allow you to personalize your system to meet your unique needs. From creating your own business rules and workflows to user profiles, you can make sure it meets every need.

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