Matica’s dedication to sustainable printing extends beyond products to environmental initiatives

Matica reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship by extending its support to CleanHub, an initiative aimed at combating ocean plastic pollution. Building upon its ethos of responsible manufacturing, Matica is proud to announce its commitment to offset 6000kg of plastic waste through its partnership with CleanHub.

Matica has always been conscious of the potential environmental impact of dye film ribbons after use. While the company utilizes recyclable materials for its cores and packaging, addressing the challenge of recycling the film itself remains a priority.

In line with its sustainability goals, Matica is excited to collaborate with CleanHub to mitigate its plastic footprint effectively.

CleanHub, renowned for its proactive approach to tackling ocean-bound plastic pollution, operates in some of the world’s most affected areas, including coastal regions of India, Indonesia, and Cambodia. By partnering with local stakeholders, CleanHub intercepts plastic waste before it reaches the ocean, thus preventing environmental harm and fostering community development.

Matica’s partnership with CleanHub is underpinned by transparency and accountability. Leveraging CleanHub’s tracking technology, Matica can monitor its environmental impact in real time, ensuring full visibility into the progress of its sustainability initiatives.

  • From collection to disposal, CleanHub’s local collection partners use tracking and tracing technology to record the volume of waste. Watch this video to see how it works

  • Matica, has access to a real-time dashboard and tracker showing how much plastic we are helping collect.

  • CleanHub provides Matica a dedicated portal so we can share our progress towards plastic neutrality.

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April 2024: As Matica continues its journey toward plastic neutrality, it remains steadfast in its mission to effect positive change. By offsetting its plastic consumption with CleanHub, Matica not only reduces its environmental footprint but also contributes to the well-being of communities along waste streams.