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Matica Group is proud to be a supporter of the CleanHub initiative to clean up our oceans

Matica printers are built to last a lifetime, but what about their consumables?

Matica has always been conscious of the potential environmental impact of dye film ribbons after use. That is why we always use recyclable materials for our cores and our packaging. Recycling the film itself is more challenging because the plastic is infused with dye. We continue to explore these options with our suppliers as we seek to minimize our impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, we’ve done some thinking outside the box and have discovered CleanHub, an initiative which helps prevent non-recyclable plastics hitting the ocean and damaging wildlife, whilst giving back to local communities.

So, we are delighted to announce that we are offsetting our plastic consumption by removing an equivalent amount of plastic from the ocean.

By partnering with CleanHub, Matica Group is excited to contribute back to the environment and be the first company in the industry to help to end the plastic crisis in the oceans.

Matica has always had an eye on the future with its technologies, and we want a more sustainable future where humanity walks alongside nature, not at its expense. Now is the time to make a difference and to clean up our oceans.

Plastic doesn’t walk itself into the oceans and rivers; we, people, do it.
Joel Tasche – CleanHub founder

CleanHub have identified the world’s worst problem areas for ocean-bound plastic pollution – such as the coastal areas of India, Indonesia and Cambodia. They work with local partners to collect them before they reach the ocean, taking plastic waste from businesses and households, sorting it into different categories (recyclable and non-recyclable) before sending them for safe processing.

This is how CleanHub has already prevented more than 2400 tonnes of plastic from being dumped into the oceans since 2020.

CleanHub relies on business supporters like Matica Group to help them match their level of support with their own plastic footprint, meaning for every kilo of plastic a business uses, it funds CleanHub to recover one kilo of plastic carried into the oceans from hazardous pollution hotspots.

How it works

Thanks to the tracking technology developed by CleanHub, Matica can prove its commitment to sustainability.

  • 1. From collection to disposal, CleanHub’s local collection partners use tracking and tracing technology to record the volume of waste. Watch this video to see how it works
  • 2. Matica, has access to a real-time dashboard and tracker showing how much plastic we are helping collect.
  • 3.  CleanHub provides Matica a dedicated portal so we can share our progress towards plastic neutrality.

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April 2023: We are focused on being part of the solution to the plastic problem and support a real environmental and social impact!

Starting this month, Matica Group aims to minimize its environmental footprint – offsetting our plastic consumption by removing an equivalent amount of plastic from the ocean.

At the same time, through CleanHub we can help improve the living standards of people working along the waste streams, especially the lowest paid, supporting vulnerable households and communities.

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