Matica is delighted to announce the launch of the ground-breaking S7000Jet, the latest addition to its reliable and established S7000 platform. This brand-new system has been developed entirely by Matica’s engineers and is set to revolutionize secure personalization for the payment market.

Using Drop on Demand (DoD) printing technology, the S7000Jet is a cost-efficient solution that can print up to 1,500 cards an hour with outstanding print quality in both black and white.

The S7000Jet has a number of key innovations that sets it apart in the financial card issuance market:

  • Minimal maintenance is required. Capping and cleaning are both automated – this reduces maintenance time and is a simple process that can performed without the need for expert technical support.
  • User-friendly: The S7000Jet’s visual interface is easy to learn and use. Ink can be monitored in real-time and adjustments can be made easily.
  • Flexible small batch production: The S7000Jet is ideal for combining small batch orders into one production run – seamlessly and without any interruption. Whether printing full surface plasma or configuring side and color(s), no intervention or interruption is required between batches, making the S7000Jet perfect for Rainbow
  • Sustainable: Pre-configured for optimal personalization quality on eco-friendly materials such as PLA and R-PVC.
  • High-resolution: The BiancoNero printing head and inks enable high quality graphical personalization in black and white. Other spot colors are available on request.
  • Seamless integration with third-party chip personalization and production management software. Smart Card Integration ready for existing S7000 users.

Thanks to DoD consumable costs being considerably lower than those for ribbon-based printing technologies, cost per card is far less than traditional print technologies.

Process speed is significantly faster and abrasion resistance is four times more durable for UV-cured DoD ink than for thermal transfer printed cards.

The   BiancoNero Inks ensure that no trace of any sensitive data is left in the platform once a card has been printed, assuring the highest standards of security.

Luca Picardi, Director Global Sales at Matica Fintec commented: “We strongly believe that DoD inkjet printing is the future technology for the personalization of EMV banking cards. The Matica S7000Jet is a game-changing system that capitalizes on this technology – at an extremely cost-effective price.”


Pro System Controller

The “brain” of the S7000Jet platform, connecting database sources to all personalization features, through MaticardPro production software.

Single or multiple 600 (ISO7810) flat card feeder to ensure continuous feeding.

Magnetic Encoding

Three track ISO standard reader-verifier magnetic encoding module.

Chip Encoding

Single or multiple Silos IC encoder contact, contactless or dual interface module to encode any chip type.

Inkjet Module
Single or dual Side modules for a complete process:

  • Plasma pre-treatment for surface preparation, including gas filtering and exhaust
  • BiancoNero heads for one or two colors per side
  • Led UV lamp for ink curing. Adjustable light intensity, curing distances and exposure area

Vision Verification
Text (OCR/OCV) and barcode (linear/2D) validation to verify 100% of card production. Front and/or rear processing available.

Output Stacker
Single or multiple 600 (ISO7810) flat card stacker which features a separate reject output hopper.


Matica S7000Jet is available now. Contact us or through our global partner network.

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