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Shaping the future of trusted identity and payment solutions

Headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, the Matica Group is a fast-growing and innovative global company with a strong international network. Matica designs, manufactures and markets payment and identity systems. From high-volume centralized issuance to distributed systems linked to registration and lifecycle programs, Matica’s solutions converge the physical and digital worlds.

Matica’s innovative and integrated financial solutions, including digital wallets and the instant issuance of debit/credit cards, enable the secure transactions and payment products that power the global economy.

It’s issuance and lifecycle management solutions for both physical and digital secure IDs, including driver’s licenses and national IDs, create trusted credentials where fraud resilience and tamper-proofing is critical.

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Convergent solutions

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Matica Fintec S.p.A

About Matica Fintec

Based in Galliate, Italy, Matica Fintec is an established worldwide leader in the design, production and marketing of financial technology and government ID solutions.

Its wide portfolio of technologies enable financial institutions and governments to obtain the highest security standards for financial cards, identity cards, passports and driving licenses.

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Geschichte des Unternehmens

  1. 2002

    Sandro Camillieri aquiries Matica Systems

  2. 2007

    Matica purchases Austrian company Digicard and Italian company Fractlos Card Lab, both specialists in high volume card issuance systems.

  3. 2011

    Matica acquires a stake of the German company Digital Identification Solutions AG (DISO), a global provider of advanced identification solutions.

  4. April 2015

    Matica launches a new generation of laser modules for both, desktop and central issuance (LX modules)

  5. October 2016

    Matica acquires the majority of Problem Solved Inc. Product offerings include Cards on the Spot a browser based instant issuance solution.

  6. June 2019

    MC660 High resolution retransfer printer launched

  7. October 2019

    Matica launches the third generation of desktop laser modules, the MC-LX

  8. January 2020

    MC310 Direct to card printer launched

  9. October 2021

    Matica launches its first ID issuance system based on Drop-on-Demand ink jet technology – the S7000JET

  10. June 2022

    Matica acquisition of UbiQ software and NBS technologies from AI Holdings

  11. 2022

    Matica widens its desktop direct to card printer range with the launch of the MC Series (MC110, MC210, MC310)

  12. 2023

    Matica launches the ‘game changer’ for secure ID card issuance and retransfer printing XIDM300

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